The history of our Association goes back to 1974 and it made an impressive progress throughout those years. Our professional members the Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel, called ATSEP *, are employees of CYTA (Cyprus Telecommunication Authority).

CYTA as a semi-governmental service company is the technical supporter to Civil Aviation Department of Cyprus. Our members are responsible for the Safety of Civil Air Traffic within Cyprus airspace, which covers 175,000 km2 of the Eastern Mediterranean.

CYATSEA consists of about 50 people who provide the technical services to the Air Traffic Control Centre, the two international airports and the operational services for the AMHS/AFTN/CIDIN Centres. The noticeable world-wide increase in air traffic demands a high degree of flexibility and professional competence from air navigation technical services organizations.

As a professional Association dealing with this vital role we have the responsibility to ensure safety in the crucial sector of Air Navigation Service.

* ATSEP is the acronym for Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel.

In the aviation community, ATSEP is the Air Traffic Management (ATM) Technical Staff in the field of aviation electronics and software used for the safety of air traffic. ATSEP are mainly engineers, technicians, hard- and software specialists who are responsible for the specification, procurement, installation, calibration, maintenance, flight testing and certification of ground electronic systems controlling aircraft movements.